Friendship Circle


When you combine the stresses of kids, parents, work and friends, the job of a mother today can at times seem overwhelming. That's why the Friendship Circle has devised a range of programs and special services just for them, giving these dedicated, noble moms a chance to unwind and relax.

 Family Fun Programs

This programis designed to teach the children many important skills from gross motor and cognitive skills to communication and social skills. The multi-faceted activities include music, stories, crafts, and interaction with other children. In an intimate setting the children have the opprtunity to learn the values, songs and traditions of our Jewish heritage.

 Holiday Programs

Experience the magic of the Jewish calendar with unique holiday entertainment. Friendship Circle families and their volunteers join together to celebrate their Jewish uniqueness through exciting activities and hands-on fun. The holiday comes alive as the children enjoy live entertainment, refreshments and creative crafts. This is the perfect way to celebrate holiday traditions in a fun and exciting setting.

  On Going Programs                  

                    Women's Circle

                    Men's Club 


  Friends at Home

In a home setting, a trained and dedicated volunteer visits a child with special needs on a weekly basis. A special bond is created as they engage in enjoyable activities and innovative crafts. The child's life is illuminated in a most significant fashion as they await the visit of their friend. The parents use this opportunity to enjoy a weekly respite as their child basks in the friendship of the volunteer

Special Programs  ( For those special events!!!)

 Special Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Everyone deserves to celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah surrounded by family and friends. To help teenagers with special needs commemorate this important milestone in a meaningful way, The Friendship Circle has created an individualized program of study and preparation that culminates in a candle-lighting ceremony for girls and a minyan for boys. A party to celebrate the achievements of the Bnei Mitzvah is also held for family and friends.

  Appreciation Evening


 Friendship Circle Walk